What is the fire wall?

5 September, 2016

A fire wall is a fire resistant barrier used to prevent the spread of fire for a period of time. They are built between or inside buildings, structures, electrical substations, including airplanes and cars.

They can be used to subdivide a building into 2 fire areas and are built according to a quality standard. Firewall walls are considered as a portion of the passive fire protection system of a building.

To a more industrial degree, fire walls can be used to separate high-power transformers in an electrical substation in the event of an emergency or ignition. It serves as a container of fire between one transformer and another, protecting the other equipment.

Firewall walls are used in a wide variety of applications that require specific design and operation needs for each project. For example, a fire wall that only supports 800 ° C is not designed to withstand high temperatures that can occur in a project such as a gas processing plant.

The design of the firewall walls are based on the potential conditions that may occur in the event of an accident. Understanding the limitations of materials to use the right material is essential. Different types of laboratory experiments can be used to simulate fire scenarios.



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